Gathering resources for continued growth

Shop owner Kelly  

What She Wanted

Updated website/social content and visuals for the new Bake Shoppe services and re-opening of the Gathering Room for special events. Online ordering and room booking.

Refreshed email marketing template.


What She Got

Email Template Design
2 templates - regular newsletter + special announcement versions. 

Commercial Photography
Updated product shots and new event space for edited for various platforms and uses.

Website Updates
Updated and new pages developed to reflect new Bake Shoppe offerings and the redesigned Gathering Room, including content, photos and forms for placing orders and room booking.


Deeper Dive


Commercial Photography

With the launch of the Bake Shoppe and the updated space for special events, we were able to knock out two shoots at once and ensure the new offerings had high-quality photos to showcase online.

Also, it turns out cupcakes are excellent models.

Email Marketing Templates

Polished and professional (with personality!), Plume's new email marketing templates showcase the shop's offerings, vendors and specials. The best part? Kelly can easily do the emails herself and has a clear idea of what content goes into each send.

Content Marketing Schedule

Most small business owners are so good at what they do that setting aside time to develop a simple and clear strategy for talking about what they do can be a struggle. With some key information, I was able to develop 3-months worth of content ideas and concepts for emails, social and specials. 


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