Do you have an ongoing need for consistent, high-quality design and/or photography services, but not interested in adding an employee to your payroll?

A retainer program is the perfect solution!



Pretty much the next best thing to having a full-time creative on your staff, is having one on retainer “at-large.” After quickly getting up to speed with your brand standards (and helping you develop them, if that’s what you need!), I become your visual brand advocate.



You have access to an agreed-upon, predictable and accessible brand ally with a diverse skill set. The work you need gets done on time and represents your business well. Contracts can include both design and photography elements.

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The retainer program features a lower rate than design-on-demand projects and eliminates the need for multiple contracts and customized quotes. Get the work you need done without the hassle of varied expenses!


  • 3-month minimum commitment. At the end of 3 months, we will re-evaluate to ensure the agreed terms are meeting your needs. After that, we can move to 6, 9, or 12-month commitments.
    There is a $250 setup fee for the first month

  • Each retainer includes a set number of hours OR a set amount of work. Overage in time or additional projects outside of the agreed upon scope will be billed at the standard hourly rate included in the contract.

  • If your retainer is based on time, unused hours will expire. They do not roll over each month, as that would defeat the purpose of allocating retainer time each month for projects. As I near the agreed-upon threshold for hours, I will let you know before going over.

What type of services are included on retainer contracts?

  • Graphic Design - logos for new products/services, icons, and typography treatments. (Full service branding packages available separately.)

  • Print Materials - brochures, newsletters, flyers, branded business signage, and more.

  • Digital Materials - Social media graphics, email graphics, blog banners, digital signage graphicsand other web-based designs.

  • Photography - Custom brand photography, robust set of images for social media, staff headshots, product photography, and more.

  • Website Updates & Maintenance - content, graphics and web maintenance can be provided for select customers.

  • Services do not include additional costs like stock photography purchases & printing.

  • Additional services are available upon request.

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