• Over 10 years of in-house and freelance design and photography experience.

  • BFA in Visual Communication, Masters courses in strategic communication.

  • COMO native, recent STL transplant.

  • Left-handed, list-making night-owl who can’t stop till it’s done. And done right.

  • Boxers are the best dogs. And the worst. But still the best.


Hello, there!

I’m Jen and I like to make things pretty.


From a decade-long career position as a “Strategic Communications Manager” with a BFA in Visual Communications and a busy photography side-hustle, to SAHM mom of a precocious preschooler in our hometown, to an unexpected but amazing relocation two hours east, to SAHM of one precocious kindergartener who’s gone for much of the day...the past year has been quite the adventure for our family!

Now that school is well under way (complete with a budding reputation as a troublemaker due to a pulled fire alarm during the first week...#thatsmyboy), our house is more-or-less put together, and I’m at risk of joining my dogs for naps entirely too often (what’s a SAH[dog]M to do?!) I’m super excited to [finally] be launching the next chapter in my business and what you’ve found here: Jen Seris Creative Services.



My experience in a variety of disciplines and skills, paired with my passion for helping small businesses achieve success through strong visual branding and communication gives me a unique ability to be a one-stop-shop...with precisely the hours I like to keep (read: late nights and whenever the mood strikes) and the attire I’ve grown accustomed to wearing (read: athleisure). AKA, the quality of my work, whether at 3 PM or 3 AM, while wearing leggings and quite likely no restrictive undergarments (TMI??), can’t be beat!

Do you need help with a rebranding and website project? Let’s talk! Need updated headshots or product photos to refresh your online image? Pick me! Whether it’s a quick-turnaround project or establishing an in-depth knowledge of your business to provide ongoing support (read: “please be my website manager because I get hives thinking about DIY-ing that stuff”), I’m so here for it!